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I’ve read a couple not good reviews of the season premiere of Community.

First off let me state that I loved it, but I also think it’s a big sign of things to come this season.

Like usual, it looks like this season is going to be fun, random, and full of quirk. This is a good thing. Some shows can attempt to gain a wider audience by toning down the quirk. Community thankfully has decided to keep it’s endearingly random, bizarre and unique moments.

That being said, my second point is that this season will be a little different than the last two. The group has been established as more than just a study group at this point. We know it, they know it, they can’t keep pretending that’s all it is. This means that we may have a few more hurdles pertaining to the groups dynamic. Beyond that we have a couple new characters. A professor that isn’t Chang is going to add a whole new potential for the story.

Lastly, Jeff. The show is already Jeff-centric, obviously, but the end of the opening episode shows that Jeff has fully accepted these people are his friends. Which puts him in a very vulnerable position, a very dangerous one for Jeff. I think we’ll be seeing interesting things this season, and I can’t wait.

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