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I just had a job interview that seemed to go REALLY well and I’m super excited because it’s in something that I want to do with my life!

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She didn’t reply to his letter for a long time, and he understood. But eventually their letters became more frequent and then letters turned into phone calls and one day Gale and his wife came back to District 12 to visit Peeta and Katniss. Their kids played together in the yard, Peeta and Gale’s wife baked all afternoon while Katniss and Gale ventured out into the woods for the first time in over 10 years. They were awkward, the last time they had seen each other was not a happy occasion. They walked along for a while in silence when they realized they were standing in the very place they met. At that moment the past became the past, Gale and Katniss remembered their strong friendship. This would not be the last time Gale’s family came to visit. Katniss turned to Gale and smiled.

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favourite graphics from snorgtees

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