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Important life lesson:

Good things come to those who ask.

Good things do NOT come to those who endlessly pester and annoy.

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In a weird mood and it needs to go away :(

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Yes sir, please stick your head even further out your car window to ogle me like the dog you are.

It’s not like it’s a good idea to pay attention to the road while you’re driving or anything.

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So my England 2015 plans are tentatively put on hold
But it’s a good thing because I got hired at my internship!!!
No lengthy and stressful job hunt, no new names to learn, and I’m at a place I genuinely enjoy working! Holy man I got lucky! and it seems like there’s still going to be plenty of adventures to be had! :)

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So I’ve made a decision…. September 2015, I will be moving to England.

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itskatherineram: When you find this in your ask you have to share 5 random facts about you and pass this on to your ten favorite followers ♥

Ahh this is adorable and wonderful! Thank you!
ok here goes.
1. I’m ALMOST 22 (my birthday is on the 24th) and that’s exciting to me, I don’t know why, but it is.
2. I’ve got one semester of university left and most of it will be spent at my internship (thank goodness)
3. My roommate and I have adopted 2 adorable kitties (technically they’re hers but while we live together they’re ours) named Princess Bubblegum and Marceliene the Vampire Queen, or Bubblegum and Marceliene for short. Though sometimes we just call them cat, brat, and various curse words because they’re kittens and constantly getting into trouble.
4. My roommate is one of the lovliest people and I’m SO glad I’m living with her.
5. The apartment building I live in was built in the 1930s for nuns who worked at the nearby hospital, so it’s got some neat character.

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To the beautiful boy on the subway

I wanted to drink in your features

but every time I tried

you caught my gaze and smiled

but I was tired

and frazled

and too shy to say anything

apparently so were you

but perhaps you were an axe murderer

and I saved myself

from being chopped to bits

and fed to your dog

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I’m feeling introspective …

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That’s right!
This girl!
And it’s super awesome, I don’t have to get up super early for it, they’re giving me a stipend and it’s a company I really wanted to work for.

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