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I saw Warm Bodies tonight! And here’s my Review!

I tried to be as spoiler free as possible!!

I actually quite enjoyed it.

Overall I thought it was fairly faithful to the book. They did change and leave out a lot of things though. Some changes I liked, some I didn’t and seeing as the movie is almost 2 hours, I understand why they had to leave some stuff out.

The Good

The way they did the “dream” sequences was great!
Nicholas Hoult’s portrayal of ‘R’ was excellent!
R’s “changing” was done well and was fairly subtle
I found the ending to be a bit more hopeful and concluded than the book’s, which was kind of nice in my opinion and I REALLY liked the way certain things were changed
The Boneys looked GREAT
The pacing was excellent!
The music was perfect

The Bad

They cast the whitest person ever for Nora… I like the actress, and I think she did a great job, but I kind of wish they’d cast an actress that matched the character’s description
The cut out Julie’s backstory… while I understand this was for time constraints and to maintain the PG13 rating, I thought it made her seem like less of a bad ass than she is in the book, and removes some depth from her character
Her Dad was too nice (in my opinion) he’s a downright bastard in the book, and although I understand why they changed his character and I did think it made sense for the sake of timing and the way the story developed, I was a little disappointed¬†
The cut out most of Perry- again, I understand why they had to do this, but Perry’s sequences were some of the most interesting in the book to me, so it was too bad they downgraded them



Overall I think I’d give it a 7.5/10
It did a lot of good with some difficult material and I look forward to seeing it again.

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Why I like Mockingjay

I just finished re-reading Mockingjay and while I can understand why people don’t like it I really wish people would give it more of a chance.

Yes it’s very different from the first two, but that makes sense, there’s no way it could follow the same formula as The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and still wrap up the trilogy. Mockingjay is where the events of the previous two books finally catch up with Katniss and she as well as the readers are forced to admit that she is a 17 year old girl who is in no way prepared to handle what she’s been through.

I think it was well written and although I found it a little harder to read this was more because the content was depressing and frustrating more than poorly written.

I do agree that parts of the ending could have been fleshed out more, but this is more of the publishers fault than suzanne collins, and really I thought it was a good ending and it was the right one to happen even though it wasn’t perhaps the happiest ending.

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Maybe this is kind of bitchy but…

I think a lot (Not all) of the people who give “The Hunger Games” a bad review are the people who aren’t really smart enough to get it.

A lot of the poor reviews I saw made mention of things which were clearly stated in the movie, or were people who thought it was about kids killing kids and people finding that basic premise entertaining.

I also noticed there were some people who thought Jennifer Lawrence didn’t really act. I think that’s largely because she has an incredible subtlety in her acting which we don’t normally see in hollywood today. I think her power as an actress is a real treat to the people who pay attention when they watch a movie and aren’t just going to see a bunch of kids kill each other.

End Rant.

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