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There’s a stray cat in my neighbourhood (which isn’t new, there’s usually a couple wandering around) who likes to come up onto my front porch, but would always run away if anyone tried to get close. Today (s)he let me get close and pet him/her but when I got close I realized (s)he was super thin and underfed, had a definitely infected cut above his/her eye and was not looking good at all… I already have 2 cats at home and definitely couldn’t afford the vet bill even if I were able to catch him/her…. and the local shelter would almost definitely put him/her down.
I’m really sad right now, I’d really grown to like that cat.

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I need someone to stop me anytime I think it’s a good idea to watch or read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows… #CryingAloneAt2:30am

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Pretty much all packed up! Just look at how blank and empty that wall is :(

Hair goes into the pigtails, serious shit is going down!
AKA packing my entire life away and sobbing about how much I’m going to miss my apartment :(

Hands up if you cried at Jenna’s last video (Draw my life)?

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Today was an awful day…

I hit a point where I just got so annoyed and angry and frustrated and flustered that I cried in public which made me feel stupid and even more annoyed and angry and frustrated.

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I make art when I’m sad…

when crappy things happen or I’m mad or sad or just have so much emotion that I can’t really control it I turn my brain off and let my body paint, it’s usually messy and it’s rarely a painting of a “thing” but it makes me feel better