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Wanted to share this helpful tool with anyone who needs it. A lot of people have a hard time putting their feelings into words and identifying what emotions they are feeling. This is called a feeling wheel. It can help you get to the core emotion you are experiencing and help you name each feeling when you’re overwhelmed with many emotions

this is so cool

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Links for bored people. You’re welcome.

I want to make love to the person who made this! :’)

I have been at that third site for a good solid 20 minutes HELP

omfg the “chill” folk one

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Can it just be fall already?

I’m looking forward to scarves and apple cider and jumpers and pumpkin and spices and the smell in the air and the leaves turning colour and hot drinks and cool nights and the air just being so crisp.

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One of my videos on youtube has almost 55,000 views… rad