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How Supernatural Should End:











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…and miles to go before I sleep

Happy Season 8 Finale

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Say you’re John Winchester. Say you are a father, with two kids, age 9 and 5.

A nine year old and a five year old.

Say you know that there is a monster on the loose in the same town as you that is specifically targeting children, with a special preference to children with siblings. 

Do you:

A. Warn your children of the specific dangers of the monster, and arm them with the appropriate weaponry?

B. Leave them in the safe hands of the family friends a few hours away?

C. Leave them in a motel room on their own, without any weapons that will work on said monster or any way to contact you and inadequate food supplies, FOR THREE FRAKKING DAYS. With the 9 year old child armed with a gun and expected to shoot and kill someone if necessary. And forced to stay in the same room the entire time. 

Answer: C

Say you come home to find your 9 year old son holding a gun and trying to defend his little brother from being attacked by said monster.

Say your son says he went out for just a second, and came back to find the monster attacking his brother.

Do you:

A. Comfort both of your sons, reassure them that they are safe and nothing further will happen to them, and reserve any discussions of responsibility or mistakes made until such time that both of them have recovered from any trauma ensued from the experience and you are able to think clearly and rationally about the events involved?

B. Comfort one of your sons, then yell at the other one about how irresponsible he was, blame a 9 year old child for the danger that you put your 5 year old son in? Then dump him on a friend and refuse to discuss it further? Leaving him with with no valuable learning from the situation but a lingering sense of guilt and belief that he had failed you and his brother because he dared to attempt an hour or so’s distraction from constant caretaker responsibility and a further emphasis of his inability to enjoy even basic aspects of childhood such as playing a game for fear of his brother dying as a result?

Answer: B.

Say the monster resurfaces. Do you:

A. Learn from your mistake the first time around, and decide to do the right thing and finish off the monster once and for all?

B. Make your son clean up your mess by forcing him to revisit one of the more traumatic events in his childhood, while maintaining radio silence and refusing to assist or even give him accurate information, not even so much a ‘by the way, it’s a shtriga’?

Answer: B.

If anyone ever asks me why I don’t like John Winchester?

Oh yeah. That’s why.

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I really want a supernatural episode when the boys are on the road and they’re hungry and they’re looking for a place to eat and then they pass by image

and they just look at each other and go nope and drives off

Now that I think about it I don’t think there’s another combination of two words in the English language that could make Sam feel worse about himself than this.

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 This shit’s epic.

CASTIEL`S WINGS THOUGH ON THE WALLS- usually hes our good natured angel, but that ‘in your face’ whipping out the feathers is kinda attractive like-DAYUM

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Ellen and Jo are dead now too?!?!?!

Why is this show so horrible to me?!

and I’m only on season 5!!! Who else are they gonna kill on me?!

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Still haven’t gotten my pottermore e-mail

I might has well have not even found a magical quill at all… seriously…

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Started watching Supernatural for the very first time yesterday….

I ended up marathoning 12 episodes in one day.

At this rate I’ll be caught up in time for the newest season.

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