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Three Four times Dean’s loved ones overcame mind control for him.

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“Thank you”

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“You keep tellin’ yourself that.”

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Three Four times Dean’s loved ones overcame mind control for him.

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I have a theory about how Supernatural will end

Spoilers for the current season (obviously)

As we know there is both a demon tablet and an angel tablet, although we don’t have much information on the angel tablet I’m going to assume that it works in generally the same way, it closes the gates of heaven forever.

So this is my theory, you either have to use both tablets and close both heaven and hell or neither.

Clearly completing the tasks that are required to fulfill the demon tablet are taking a toll on Sam, and I believe the end will require some sort of self sacrifice, or will take a toll on the body so high it will result in death.

I also believe the angel tablet will work the same way and Dean will take on the tasks involved in the angel tablet (that much more heart wrenching of an arc due to his closeness with Cas).

They still assume they will survive the tasks and as they get close to completing the tasks, Cas will either fall from grace forever exiling himself from heaven or choose to say a thoroughly emotional goodbye to the Winchesters.

But as they near completion of the tasks it becomes clear that neither of them will survive, so the boys will sacrifice themselves to seal both heaven and hell.
At the end of it all, they’ll sacrifice themselves to save the world one last time, Cas (provided he doesn’t fall) will accompany them on one last trip to heaven and all that will be left of the Winchesters is the Impala and all the people they’ve saved.

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