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Happy #valentines day!! 💘💌 #nails #nailart #hearts

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Did my nails all Christmassy! #christmas #nails #tree #snow ❄️⛄️🎅🎄

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Tried my hand at adding the mockingjay to my flames… and this time I did the red on the outside on the flames… I like it better this way but damn the mockingjay pin is hard to do with nail polish!

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Tried my hand at some Girl on Fire nails… I think I was fairly successful for my first attempt

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feeling christmas-y :)

Christmas Nails :D

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That awkward moment when a guy says that doing designs on your nails isn’t hard… bitch, I’d like to see you do it!

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Did my nails again!!

Zebra Print on Revlon’s “Steel Her Heart”

I do nails in my spare time, these are all my nails, but still my work

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